Monday, January 13, 2020

Prayer about Jerusalem cult compound raid

Lord God, we are thrilled that the police successfully raided Jerusalem’s Haredi cult and freed dozens of women and children from captivity! We are thankful that investigators’ hard work over two months paid off in rescuing these people from their abuse. We are also thankful they captured the unnamed rabbi who led this cult and abused these captives for up to 10 years. Heavenly Father, we pray for healing for those who have been set free. We know it will be a long road to recovery from these horrific circumstances. May survivors be reunited with family members wherever that is best. May they receive the services they need--medically, psychologically, financially and spiritually. Lord God, meet with them in this time of healing, drawing them into your arms of comfort, convincing them of their great worth and potential. We pray for the investigation to be efficient and accurate, so that the cult leader and his accomplices can go through the justice system as soon as possible. Please reach the hearts of the perpetrators as well. May they repent and find the kind of freedom they need from their evil deeds. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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