Friday, August 28, 2020

Prayer about exploring and eliminating racism in Japan PC: Reuters

Heavenly Father, we celebrate that the Black Lives Matter movement is increasing awareness of racism in Japan. Within this mostly homogeneous nation, we are thankful that this moment in history is raising questions and stimulating helpful conversations among Japanese citizens and residents. We are glad to hear that people are primarily receptive to these conversations and to exploring racism within the nation’s history, including long-held prejudice against Chinese and Koreans. Lord, we know that racism and prejudice are sin. We know you have clearly charged us to do nothing out of favoritism, and that you look at hearts, rather than at outward appearance. Please help the Japanese continue growing in these areas, and may the rest of the world follow suit. May Japan prove to be a fine example of confronting, addressing and working to eliminate racism. In Jesus’ powerful name we pray, amen.

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