Monday, August 31, 2020

Prayer for recovery efforts for Hurricane Laura victims and

Dear Lord,

We lift up our prayers for the residents of the Gulf Coast area that were impacted by Hurricane Laura. We pray for the 500,000 people of this region who were ordered to evacuate their homes and ask for your provision for their immediate needs. We pray for the families of the 15 people who died, for your comfort and strength for them. Father, we lift up the disaster relief crews that are flowing into the region to bring aid and comfort, that you will bless the work of their hands. Lord, we ask that you will provide wisdom for these relief workers as they seek to help residents restore power, rebuild their homes and lives, and that you will help them while they are doing all of this in the midst of the COVID crisis. Father, we pray for shelter, clean water, clothing, medicines, food and finances for those who have suffered loss of property and provision. Help those in need to get connected to the organizations that can meet their needs. Finally, we pray for the wisdom of federal, state and local government officials as they work in cooperation to meet the immediate needs of the people. In Jesus' name, amen.

This prayer contributed by guest prayer blogger Jeanette Biesecker. Jeanette is a daughter of the King of kings, the wife of Kevin, the mom of Gerry, in that order. She’s spent numerous years working as a marketing professional and writer in Christian ministries and businesses. Recently she heard God’s call to “walk on water” and follow Him into a new adventure and desires to encourage others to do the same.  


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