Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Prayer about COVID-related riot at Sri Lanka's Mahara prison



Lord God, we pray about Sri Lanka’s COVID-related prison riots, particularly the one that happened Sunday and Monday at Mahara prison. Heavenly Father, we understand the prisoners’ frustration with increasing Covid-19 cases in their crowded conditions, and with more infected prisoners being transferred there. We understand the frustration of officials as they try to solve one very difficult problem on top of another, on top of yet another. But, Lord, we grieve that this situation has become violent and that at least eight prisoners were killed and 50 injured during the rioting. We pray for the many prisoners in critical condition at Ragama Hospital, that they would receive excellent care, that a loved one can visit each one, and that they will recover. We pray for the prison to regain order and to quickly and effectively address the multiple issues in play within this conflict. May both prisoners and those in authority choose wisdom. We pray, Lord, that your peace would descend upon that place. We also ask for your peace upon those who grieve. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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