Friday, April 30, 2021

Prayer for Israel's recovery after Orthodox Jewish festival deaths

Lord God, we ask you to deeply comfort the Orthodox Jewish brothers and sisters who were involved in the disaster at Thursday’s
Lag B'Omer festival. It is overwhelming to consider that at least 45 men and boys were crushed to death while participating in a religious festival. Lord, please bless the investigation. Reveal whether anything improper took place and whether the police need to do anything differently in the future (either in preventing or responding to such tragedies). We pray for the quick and accurate identification of those victims who remain unknown, that their loved ones may have closure and proceed to burial. We pray for excellent medical care for the injured, as well as therapy and whatever else may be needed by those who witnessed this traumatic event, including emergency responders. Yahweh, we ask for healing and hope for all those impacted by this disaster—one of the worst peacetime disasters Israel has ever known. Glorify yourself among your people. May the national day of mourning, to be held Sunday, be a powerful day for Israel and her allies. Amen.



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