Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Prayer for the Nukak people of Colombia

Lord, today we pray for the nomadic Nukak people of Colombia. Heavenly Father, we are so sad that suicide is such a part of their culture that men frequently drink poison and die when faced when rejection. Please help the Nukaks recognize that this is a harmful practice, and that they do not have to lose their loved ones in this tragic way. May brave social activists rise up within the communities to speak about changing this practice. Lord, we also pray for those who serve the Nukak people through New Tribes Mission, providing medical care, living together in a nearby village, and trying very hard to gain cultural and language proficiency so they can share your Word. Please prepare the hearts of the Nukak people to receive the Gospel when the day comes that they can hear it in their own language. And may your transforming power renovate hearts and thus lead to the elimination of destructive practices, including suicide. Amen.

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