Monday, July 4, 2016

Prayer of thanksgiving for decreased violent crime in El Salvador AP Photo/Salvador Melendez
Lord, today we are thankful for good news from El Salvador. We are so grateful that the 2015 “World Murder Capital” has halved its murder rate for the past two months. We celebrate this progress! Please continue to strengthen the government and law enforcement as they seek to isolate gang leaders in high-security prisons, as well as crack down on gangs in other ways. Motivate the gang leaders to continue their supposed “stand down,” realizing that stopping the killing brings great relief and is the right thing to do. Protect innocent civilians from gang extortion and violent threats. Prevent young people from turning to gangs to have their social and material needs met. May El Salvador become a great example of how to address violent crime so its people can live with peace rather than fear. In Jesus’ powerful name we pray, amen.

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