Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Prayer for Yazidi women and girls held as sex slaves

http://www.foxnews.com/world/2016/07/06/isis-tightens-grip-on-yazidi-captives-held-as-sex-slaves.html?intcmp=ob_article_sidebar_video&intcmp=obinsite. AP Photo/Balint Szlanko
Lord, today we pray for Yazidi girls and women being held as sex slaves by ISIS. Where do we even begin? It is mind-boggling to consider 3,000 women and girls being held as human chattel, being passed from man to man to do with whatever he likes. Lord, first we pray that ISIS will have no success in capturing any more slaves. Please thwart their every effort. Second, we pray for these women and girls to have supernatural clarity in determining ways to escape, and that they will have great success in pursuing safety. Give them courage, foresight, speed and protection as they travel quickly to safety whenever a chance arises. Next, we pray for their captors, that they would recognize these captives as human beings, as precious children of God, as people who could be their owns wives or daughters. Keep them from harming them. Plague their consciences so they cannot sleep or find peace until they relinquish their grip on these captives. We pray for the families and friends who know their loved ones are in captivity. We pray that they will sleep at night, experience your peace, and never give up hope, despite agonizing over their loved ones. Finally, we pray again for those who are currently held captive. Not only do we ask for their escape, but we ask for a special covering of protection over them to minimize the damage they are sustaining on every level. May they find complete healing someday--soon. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen. 

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