Monday, February 13, 2017

Praise for the rescue of boys enslaved on Lake Volta
Lord, today we praise you for International Justice Mission’s successful rescue of 24 boys enslaved on Lake Volta. Lord, it breaks our hearts to imagine boys as young as seven being abused and forced to dive into deep waters to untangle fishing nets, receiving little food or medical care. Lord, thank you for IJM and the Ghanaian authorities’ successful efforts to rescue these boys, and for the arrest of the boatmasters who perpetrated these crimes. Lord, we pray for these 24 boys and the long road to recovery ahead of them. Please heal them on every level. Help them be reunited with their families or find new families. Provide for all their needs. And we pray for IJM and the Ghanaian authorities to continue successfully shutting down similar operations on Lake Volta. In the powerful name of Jesus we pray, amen. 

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