Thursday, February 23, 2017

Prayer for God to work on college campuses (for the Collegiate Day of Prayer)
Lord, today we join the Collegiate Day of Prayer by praying for college campuses across the Unites States and the world. Lord, first, we thank you that the students pursuing their education at the post-high school level even have this opportunity. With the cost and commitment involved, we know it is a privilege. Lord, we pray for each student to make the most of the opportunity, committing to learn and grow academically, professionally, socially, emotionally and spiritually. We pray for resourcefulness and fortitude in funding their education, so they will not be bogged down by tremendous debt upon graduation. We pray for this time when students are deciding how they want to live as adults, that they would make wise choices, rather than ones with long-term negative consequences. We pray for godly influences to be readily available through your people, churches, campus ministries and more. We pray for your Gospel to be accessible, and for students to seriously consider the claims of Christ. We pray for your children to experience sweet years of meaningful fellowship and tremendous growth while on campus, and that they would both savor and make the most of those years, sharing your love and hope with those around them each day. Lord, may your Holy Spirit move powerfully across college campuses today. We pray in faith, amen.

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