Friday, February 24, 2017

Prayer for peace between immigrants and South Africans  Photo credit: Kim Ludbrook
Lord, today we pray about the tension in Pretoria and throughout South Africa. Lord, so many nations are struggling with how to handle immigrants right now. So many devastating situations around the world are compelling people to flee their homes for better lives elsewhere. South Africa has been far from immune from this situation. You know all of this. You see the pain. You see the problems that arise when a nation has a 26% unemployment rate. So we first pray about the most recent riots in Pretoria, where businesses were looted, rubber bullets were fired into communities, hateful words were shouted, and havoc was wrought in homes and hearts. Bring peace to Pretoria. We also pray for the greater issue of rising xenophobia in South Africa. We pray for the migrants who grieve because what they thought would be a better life turned out to be intimidating and precarious. We pray for the citizens of South Africa as they deal with the major frustration of high unemployment, rising crime, and a sense of helplessness. We pray for South African leaders to create workable, effective solutions to these societal ills. We pray for police to not turn a blind eye to crimes, regardless of the victims' nationalities. Most of all, we pray for your enduring, heavenly peace to spread in South Africa. We pray for repentance, declared dependence on you, and revival. We plead in Jesus' name, amen.

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