Monday, May 22, 2017

Prayer about flash flooding in Kenya
Photo credit: MARTIN FUNDI

Lord, today we pray for Kenya, where the people have experienced the double-edged sword of drought paired with flash flooding. What an ironic trial, Lord, to need rain so desperately, but then to receive it too quickly for the land to absorb it! Please lift Kenyans’ spirits, Lord, as they face this irony. Help them focus on the positive in the midst of the challenges. On a very practical level, Lord, we are asking for Kenyans’ safety and provision. Please guide people in making wise choices as they face the flash floods. May they not risk their well-being for possessions or take unnecessary risks. We pray for those whose homes have been lost or damaged, that you would provide safe shelter and the means to find a new home when the time is right. We ask blessing for those who are hosting the displaced. Give them your peace, and may everyone get along in close quarters under sometimes intense emotions. And, Lord, may Kenyans rebuild and return to regular life quickly and effectively. Above all, of course, glorify yourself in the midst of this situation. May your children be among the very best in reaching out to those in need. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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