Monday, May 1, 2017

Prayer for North Korea - #1 on the World Watch List for persecution

Today I begin a series of prayers for those nations on the 2017 World Watch List for persecution. You may find a copy of the list here: Let us fervently and faithfully pray for our suffering brothers and sisters around the world!
Lord, today we pray for the nation ranked as the absolute worst in the world for your followers: North Korea. Heavenly Father, for those of us who worship in ease, it is hard to comprehend needing to pray with our eyes open so no one will suspect we worship the One True God. It is overwhelming to consider that friend, neighbor, stranger, government official or even a spouse or child could betray us to the dictatorial government, which would arrest, imprison, torture and possibly kill us for choosing Jesus, the Hope of the World. Lord, today we lift up our Christian brothers and sisters who are languishing in North Korean prisoners. Give them the strong sense that they are not alone, nor forgotten. May your Spirit comfort them in deep, burning ways, so they are strengthened within their cores to trust you in all circumstances. Give your North Korean children peace and hope in stark contrast to their daily oppression. And may their testimonies draw more people to you each day, even though the earthly cost of following you is so high. We pray for covert believers who are “free” from prison but shackled by secrecy. Lead them to opportunities to grow and experience fellowship. May they know when to speak and when to remain silent. And, Lord, we pray for the North Korean government to realize the truth found in your Word, so North Koreans may live freely and abundantly in you if they so choose. We plead in Jesus’ name, amen. 

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