Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Prayer for Syria - #6 on the World Watch List for persecution

Lord, today our thoughts and prayers turn toward our brothers and sisters in Syria. Almost the whole world is well aware of the civil war in Syria. We are grieved over the death and destruction that have plagued this land for years. Today we pray specifically for believers in Syria. So many have already been killed. So many have been chased from their homes or felt the need to flee. Lord, be with those who are scattered abroad now, many still seeking places to settle. Meet their needs, give them peace, help them feel hope each day. Now, Lord, we pray for those Christ-followers who remain in Syria. Heavenly Father, we know their concentration in strategic areas makes them vulnerable to attack. Please protect them. Lord, give them courage as they live in a war-torn country. May they band together to support, encourage, and provide for each other. And, Lord, in the midst of the constant trials of current life in Syria, may they shine brightly for you, bringing peace in the midst of war, hope in the midst of destruction, Christlikeness toward neighbors while others seek only self-preservation. Please make your work and character evident in this shattered land. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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