Monday, June 26, 2017

Prayer about the sinking of El Almirante in Colombia
Lord, today we pray for those touched by the sinking of El Almirante near the town of Guatape, Colombia. What a tragedy—to be out on a tourist boat ride on a lovely day and then to find oneself in great peril! Lord, we pray for those who have lost loved ones. And, Heavenly Father, we pray for those whose loved ones are still missing after a night in the water, especially knowing that survivors claimed life vests were not available. Lord, we are so touched to see video footage of people rushing in all kinds of vessels to rescue the endangered passengers. We are thankful for this show of the good side of humanity in the midst of danger. Bless those who immediately responded to the emergency. And please bless the searchers with great effectiveness and energy as they seek the lost. Comfort those who grieve and wonder. Bring peace to those who are recovering from this shocking experience. Bring truth to light about the cause of this accident in your perfect timing. Please draw people closer to you through this tragedy. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen. 

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