Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Prayer for severely burned Steven from Ecuador

Lord, every day vulnerable children around the world are horrifically abused. You see them in their suffering. You desire to hide them under the shelter of your wing. Lord, today we pray for one boy in particular: 11-year-old Steven in Ecuador. Heavenly Father, hearing about Steven’s tragedy evokes a strong physical and emotional response. To know this 11-year-old boy was captured, bound, covered in gasoline and set on fire by teenaged boys is absolutely mortifying. The evil in the world is truly sickening. Lord, we are thankful Steven was eventually transported to a state-of-the-art medical facility in the United States to receive care, though the damage from not only the burns but also the delayed medical treatment is incredibly severe. Lord, we pray for Steven to receive loving, world-class care. We pray for the needed funds to provide for his long-term treatment. We pray for peace for him and his family as they face this tremendous trial. We pray for them to somehow find forgiveness in their hearts for the teens who committed this atrocious act, so that bitterness will not be part of their struggle in months and years to come. And, Lord, we pray that you will reach those boys--that they will receive appropriate consequences for their actions, and, in the process, meet you. Change their lives completely so they will never again hurt another human being. In the merciful name of Jesus we pray, amen.

To follow Steven’s recovery and/or to contribute to his medical care, visit here:


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