Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Prayer about rampant sexual assaults uncovered in remote Norway
Photo: Franz Aberham/Getty Images
Lord, today we pray about the 150 cases of alleged sexual assault that have been uncovered in the remote community of Tysfjord, Norway. Lord, we are thankful that this decades-long tragedy has come to light. We give thanks that people in this isolated minority group are finding the courage to speak out. We pray that the culture of sexual assault would end as a result of this revelation and investigation. May the perpetrators of these acts repent and come to justice, and may the healing of this community begin. We pray that the entire investigation would be handled both with extreme sensitivity and tremendous effectiveness. Knowing how deeply sexual assault victims are affected, we pray for patience, courage, wisdom and grace in working with those who are coming forward. Knowing how sensitive the cultural issues and interaction has been between ethnic Sami and mainline Norwegians, we pray for the authorities to build trust, tread carefully, and build a long-term rapport that will benefit all involved. We pray for both victims and perpetrators to come forward to share their stories so reparation can begin. We pray that the fierce family and community ties will be able to not only withstand this trial, but be deepened and redeemed. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen. 

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