Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Prayer about suicide bombing in Mubi, Nigeria  Photo credit: VOA
Lord, today we pray for those recovering from yesterday’s suicide bombing in Mubi, Nigeria. With 50 deaths already resulting from this terrorist attack, we pray that those fighting grave injuries will not join that number. We pray for all those recovering, that they would receive quality medical care, and that loved ones would provide them encouragement, emotional support, and practical help. Lord, we pray against the evil efforts of Boko Haram, credited with this deadly incident. We are disgusted by their recent lethal, “hot streak” of attacks. We are appalled that this group trains teens to kill themselves in the process of killing others, as happened yesterday in Mubi. We pray for the Nigerian government to track down and thwart these terrorists. May young people in this region see them for what they are and completely resist being ensnared in their false teaching and brutal terrorism. May Boko Haram become a small blip in history. Lord, we pray against Boko Haram in Jesus’ name, amen.  

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