Monday, November 27, 2017

Prayer about World Central Kitchen's ongoing efforts in Puerto Rico
Photo: José Andrés / Facebook
Lord, today we take a moment to again remember Puerto Rico in our prayers. In the midst of other tragedies, such as the horrific terrorist attack in Egypt, we want to persevere in prayer for those rebuilding after 2017’s difficult storm season. Today we are especially thankful for World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit that has recently decided to focus great effort in Puerto Rico. First, we thank you for their good work. We are grateful for the three million meals they have served to those in need within the last several weeks. We are thankful this organization has a vision for a longer-term effort, as the most urgent needs are lessening. We know it is a long road for Puerto Rico. Please bless World Central Kitchens efforts to continue feeding those in most desperate need, as well as restoring the agricultural industry. Continue to give them vision, wisdom, resources and enthusiasm. We pray that other nonprofits will also continue helping places like Puerto Rico, Texas, the Bahamas, and other areas that were hit during the hurricane season. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.


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