Thursday, December 28, 2017

10 most-prayed prayers from 2017

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Below are the 10 most-prayed posts from 2017. I thought you might be interested, and, more significant, I thought you would like to continue praying.

In the comment section below each post (after you go directly to the blog post--I apologize that you will have to copy and paste the links, since hyperlinks are not working), I have pasted the most recent news article pertaining to each topic.

Thank you for praying to change the world.

Lord, accept our prayer as incense offered to you, and our upraised hands as an evening offering (Psalm 141:2).

10: Prayer for missing Argentine submarine

9. Prayer for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

8. Prayer about Mogadishu car bombing

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7. Prayer about California wildfires

6. Prayer for Museum of the Bible as it opens

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5. Prayer for Otto Warmbier's family after Otto's death

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4. Prayer against corruption in Romania

3. Prayer about new Kenyan presidential election

2. Prayer about 26 teen girls found dead in the Mediterranean

1. Prayer about mass shooting in Las Vegas

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