Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Prayer for the loved ones of the ARA San Juan crew
Lord, today we pray for the loved ones of the ARA San Juan crew. It is hard, Heavenly Father, when our prayers are not answered the way we’d like. We wanted these 44 crew members, lost in a malfunctioning submarine, to arrive home safely. Instead, they are now counted as dead. We declare in the midst of our pain that we still trust you. We continue to place our hope in you. We take a moment to give thanks for the thousands of people, dozens of ships, and almost 20 countries that tried to find this missing submarine. We are thankful for those who still search the vast ocean floor for clues. We pray for those who are investigating whether corrupt “repairs” had anything to do with this terrible tragedy. May the truth come out and this type of accident be prevented from happening in the future. Our focus today, Lord, is on those who were left behind. We pray for the parents, spouses, children, friends and others who grieve this terrible loss. We pray for the nation of Argentina as they grieve this loss collectively. During a month when so much of the world is celebrating the Christmas season, these individuals are walking through the valley of the shadow of death. Lord, meet with them in their pain. Let them experience the joy of salvation. Motivate those around them to make time to walk with them in their grief, setting aside their own interests to help another in the midst of grave suffering. Please heal hearts. Provide for financial needs. Give all who mourn the courage to face each new day and to trust in you. And remind us to keep these families and individuals in our prayers as we enjoy time with our own loved ones during this holiday season. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.


  1. Update:

  2. HUGE NEWS for those praying for this lost submarine and bereaved loves ones. One year later, the vessel has finally been found!