Saturday, February 24, 2018

Prayer about dismantled drug trafficking ring operating out of Buenos Aires

Lord, today we rejoice that an international drug trafficking ring operating out of the Russian Embassy in Buenos Aires was dismantled. We know that illegal drugs absolutely destroy lives and families, and we are against those who distribute them. Lord, we also know that every person connected to this situation had a choice to do the right or wrong thing. As evidenced by one of those arrested being a police officer, we know some chose well and some did not. Please bless those who did the right thing. Please bring those who made the wrong decisions to true repentance as they face the legal system in consequence of their bad life choices. Heavenly Father, we also pray about the elusive “Mr. K,” a suspected key person in this drug ring who remains at large. We pray the international warrant will be effective and that authorities will be able to track him down and stop his injurious work. Lord, we also pray for ourselves as we consider this news today. As we move forward with our days, we ask for your help in making our own right choices. May we be sensitive to what brings help and what brings harm to this world. May we walk in your Spirit. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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