Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Prayer celebrating victory against human trafficking in Northern Ireland

Lord, today we celebrate the first successfully prosecuted human trafficking (for sexual exploitation) offence in Northern Ireland. We are thankful that brothers Decebal and Spartacus Mihai have been apprehended, their work has been stopped, and they are headed to prison as a result of trafficking women through escort services. We pray that this successful conviction will send a clear message to others engaged in this illicit activity in this part of the world—that Northern Ireland does not accept nor overlook this terrible treatment of human beings. We pray that the Mihais will repent of their crimes and be successfully rehabilitated, that they may choose other, productive occupations when they are eventually released from prison. We pray for all those victimized in the Mihais’ network, that they would be able to choose freedom and find healing. We pray particularly for the four women who cooperated with police and clearly conveyed to the police through their interactions the gravity of their plight. May they find all the help they need to begin new lives in healthy environments. Again, we are thankful for this victory against human trafficking today. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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