Thursday, February 22, 2018

Prayer for She's Somebody's Daughter and its work with vulnerable women
Heavenly Father, today we pray for She’s Somebody’s Daughter as this organization ministers to women trapped in sexual exploitation. Of course, Lord, we ask your blessing on all groups that reach out to women and men vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation. However, today we take time to pray for this particular ministry. First, Lord, we pray for the volunteers who regularly visit businesses within the commercial sex industry with home-cooked meals and gifts of honor. May these volunteers exude your love and help women recognize their God-given dignity. May volunteers build trusting relationships with their new friends, so entrapped women can begin to recognize the hope found in you. May the outreach recipients accept offers for support, friendship and resources. May they begin to identify other options for livelihood and life-purpose. Lord, we also pray for this organization’s efforts at raising awareness. We particularly pray for their prevention education for middle and high school students in regard to online safety, awareness of potential grooming, and red flags to watch for among peers. May our children indeed develop awareness, so they may never fall prey to those who would victimize them. Finally, Lord, we pray for hope and protection for She’s Somebody’s Daughter staff members and volunteers. We know those who seek to free captives often come under spiritual attack, as well as potentially dangerous situations. Guard volunteer and staff members’ bodies, minds and hearts as they do your work among the hopeless. Keep their hope alive, fresh and contagious. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen. 

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