Monday, August 27, 2018

Prayer about protests and immigration tensions in Chemnitz, Germany
Photo: Jan Woitas / dpa 

Almighty God, today we pray for the German city of Chemnitz, where emotions are high and protesters have been out enmasse in response to the fatal stabbing of a German man by two immigrants. First, Lord, we pray for peace to descend upon this city. May your Spirit move within the hearts of your children in Chemnitz. May men and women serve as lights during this hard time by demonstrating peace, reconciliation and love in the midst of chaos and fear. We pray for physical protection for both protesters and police, and we pray that those who are already injured receive quick, effective medical care. Lord, we know that tensions are extremely high in German politics as citizens continue to adjust to the massive influx of one million asylum seekers in 2015. We pray for Chancellor Angela Merkel and Germany’s other political leaders as they lead through this tumultuous time. Grant them divine wisdom as they navigate this unrest among the people and try to seek the best for their nation. We do pray for relations between German nationals and immigrants, that they would learn to accept and understand one another. We pray all people who live in Germany will desire the best for the nation and add value to the land they (now) call home. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.  

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