Monday, August 6, 2018

Prayer for family of Joseph Blankson after he gave his life rescuing others
Photo credit: Joseph Blankson

Lord, today we pray for the widow and two children left behind by Joseph Blankson, who drowned after singlehandedly pulling 13 people from a river after their boat capsized. First, Lord, we are so thankful for the example set by Blankson. We are grateful he used his strong swimming skills to rescue those in danger. We rejoice that there were no fatalities outside of Blankson’s. We pray for the survivors, that they would cherish life and reflect that through how they live. We are devastated for Blankson’s widow and children. Please be very present with them in their grieving. May their loved ones come alongside them to not only grieve with them, but to provide companionship and mentorship to these young children in their father’s absence. We also pray very specifically that Mercy, Blankson’s wife, will be able to find a job that will provide for her family. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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