Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Prayer about Boy Scouts of America amid sex abuse scandal and bankruptcy filing

PC: Tom Pennington / Getty Images

Trustworthy Father, we bring before you the Boy Scouts of America in the midst of their sex abuse scandal and filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Lord, we are thankful for the immeasurable impact this organization has had on countless boys during its history. We are also thankful that past cases of abuse are now coming to light. It is always devastating to learn about people in authority misusing their trusted roles to harm others. It is also distressing to learn of organized cover-ups. The BSA is in a mess at this moment. They are trying to continue doing good work while also trying to face up to past misdeeds. We pray for truth to come out and wisdom for all involved. However, Lord, it also feels to many of us like this is not the best option for victims. We are grieved most of all for what these boys and men endured, and we now grieve for the delays and complications they will face as they seek justice and compensation for the harm they experienced. Please comfort and heal them in ways that efficient legal proceedings and compensation cannot match. May they experience your healing and transformation. Yet we also want them to receive justice. Give them the strength and support systems to endure. May additional victims feel comfortable coming forward when the time is right for them. Finally, Lord, may the truth come out about both abusers and the falsely accused. In Jesus’ merciful name we pray, amen.

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