Saturday, February 15, 2020

Prayer about fire at Haitian children's home

Merciful Father, we pray about the fire that killed 13 children at a children’s home in Haiti’s Kenscoff region Thursday. We are thankful for the dozens of children who were safely rescued, but dismayed by the loss of the 13 young lives, in part due to rescue workers being inadequately equipped to help them. Heavenly Father, please bring healing to the injured and to the traumatized. For those who have living parents, may they be quickly reunited if their parents are able to comfort and help them during this time. Lord, we also pray about the questions surrounding the condition of this orphanage, which is run by a Pennsylvania religious group. It is discouraging to hear that the home may have operated without accreditation and possibly with unsafe and unsanitary conditions. Please bring to light anything that would be helpful for these children and this nation. May this group not use your name in vain. And, Lord, we do pray for the rescue workers who responded to this crisis and found themselves unable to help as much as they would have liked. Help them to process through this tragedy, and may they find the resources needed to provide more effective assistance in the future. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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