Saturday, February 1, 2020

Prayer about kidnapping and shootout in India’s Kasaria village  PC: KK Productions via AP

Lord God, we entreat mercy for the bewildering tragedy that happened in India’s Kasaria village Friday. We try to make sense of this mess: a man on bail for a murder charge invites 23 children to a fake birthday party and locks them in his basement. He expects not only ransom to be paid for each child, but that the police will drop all charges. Authorities attempt to negotiate with the kidnapper, an explosive is detonated, the perpetrator’s wife attempts to talk with the people gathered outside the house but is attacked and killed by them, a shootout ensues, the perpetrator is killed, the children are rescued, and the perpetrator’s one-year-old daughter is sent to stay with a relative. What a mess! So much sadness and brokenness! Please bring clarity for investigators. Bless the relative caring for the child. Comfort those grieving for the murdered woman and for the now-deceased criminal. Heal the children and their families from the trauma they suffered. And protect the orphan, who lost both parents in disturbing ways. Lord God, you see through all of this mess to the greatest needs. We pray that you will glorify yourself there. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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