Saturday, April 25, 2020

Prayer about New Light of God cult and Ngabé Buglé indigenous community of Panama
PC: TVN Noticias/AFP via Getty Images

Lord God, it has been months since we have heard updates on “The New Light of God” cult operating in the jungles of Panama. Yet they still need our prayers. We pray for those who were tortured or whose loved ones were killed as part of this cult’s brutal practices. Please continue to bring healing to them. May they sleep peacefully, learn to trust again, and begin to understand you as the loving God you are. We pray that this cult will not be lumped in with Christianity in this nation, as none of the cult’s horrors reflect how you tell us to live. Heavenly Father, we pray more broadly for this remote Ngabé Buglé indigenous community. With 96 percent of its 214,000 residents living in extreme poverty, with few schools, clinics, and roads, and with little local law enforcement, this is an extremely vulnerable area. We pray for good to come from this tragedy: that Panama as a nation will now turn its eyes to this region to bring healing, resources, education, hope, literacy, medicine, peace. In Jesus’ loving name we pray, amen.

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