Sunday, April 5, 2020

Prayer amid global coronavirus pandemic

Lord God, we hear you. We recognize that we are utterly helpless before you. A virus transmitted from your creatures in one small corner of this wide world has brought that same world to its knees. We need your divine intervention. Lord, we pray for the researchers around the world who are exploring solutions to this problem. Bless and protect them. Direct them to answers. We pray for our leaders. Keep them humble, focused and wise. May they lead us in the directions you would have us go. We pray for our healthcare workers, that you would grant them strength, clarity and fortification. We pray for those living in fear, that you would bring hope and peace. And, Lord, we pray for the sick. We desire healing for more of them, and the chance to say good-bye for those who do pass from this earth. On this day, Lord, we also repent. We repent of putting earthly things before you and of not living for you. We repent on behalf of ourselves, our families, our churches and our lands. We declare a desire to learn all that you have for us amid this global trial. And we worship you. Amen.

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