Saturday, May 16, 2020

Praise and prayer about apprehension of Rwandan genocide perpetrator

Lord God, we are stunned and delighted that one of the most-wanted criminals from the Rwandan genocide has been apprehended more than 25 years after the fact: FĂ©licien Kabuga. Heavenly Father, it is dreadful and painful to think back on that blight on world history: a brutal ethnic slaughter, running unchecked through Rwanda, killing 800,000 people. But we must face and learn from our past. Please strengthen the survivors as Kabuga’s apprehension and trial bring up painful memories. Lord, we pray for Kabuga. We do not know the current condition of his heart, but you do. We pray he will turn to you, truly repenting for (allegedly) financing the merciless, massive slaughter of minority Tutsis in his nation. We pray for the justice system to move swiftly and above reproach in every way. May this process ultimately contribute to healing for all who need it. Lord, we pray that Protais Mpiranya and Augustin Bizimana, also earmarked for trial, will be found as well. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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