Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Prayer for mid-Michigan in the US as they deal with catastrophic flooding and Covid-19

PHOTOS: Catastrophic flooding in Mid-Michigan after Edenville Dam ...

Lord God, we pray for mid-Michigan in the United States as they deal with catastrophic flooding and breached dams, while also battling increasing cases of Covid-19. First, Lord, we thank you that no lives have as yet been lost. We are grateful evacuation notice was given quickly and effectively. We pray that no lives will be lost as this situation unfolds. Next, we express our grave concern about the Dow Chemical plant sitting on Midland’s riverbank, and the fact that flood waters are mixing with on-site containment ponds. We pray for whatever can be done to prevent dangerous chemicals from mixing with this water and harming people and wildlife. May Dow Chemical’s safety features all hold true, regardless of how severe the flooding may become. Lord, we express our frustration that nothing was done when the Edenville Dam was rated as unsatisfactory two years ago. We know this will complicate the situation as people, businesses and communities attempt to pick up the pieces of their lives and property when they get through the immediate crisis. We pray for truth and justice, and for all necessary lessons to be learned. We pray, Lord, that people will stay safe, including emergency personnel, and that the people of mid-Michigan will get through this double crisis as healthily and hope-filled as possible. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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