Thursday, May 7, 2020

Prayer about toxic gas leak at Indian chemical plant

Lord God, we pray about the fatal gas leak in India’s state of Andhra Pradesh. The images and facts are overwhelming. With at least 11 people dying right where they stood or as they drove, having breathed in the toxic fumes, the situation must have been terrifying. We pray for the more than 1000 people who were exposed and the 25+ who are currently in critical condition. We pray for those who are still in the affected area, that they will be able to safely evacuate as soon as possible. We pray for the hospitals, overwhelmed with new patients amid the already chaotic coronavirus pandemic. Heavenly Father, the residents of this part of Andhra Pradesh need your intervention. Lord God, we also cry out for truth and recompense. We pray that any negligence committed by this LG Polymers plant will be revealed. We pray the company will take responsibility for their costly errors. We pray for shelter, food, and other basic needs to be met for those who have fled their homes for an undetermined time. Guide the region’s leaders as they seek to handle this emergency, and may citizens look out for each other, rather than taking advantage of this vulnerable situation. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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