Friday, July 10, 2020

Prayer about the death of Seoul mayor Park Won-soon PC: Reuters

Lord God, we pray for the residents of Seoul and citizens of South Korea as they grieve the death of mayor Park Won-soon. Having deployed hundreds of searchers, it was a sad ending to find Park’s body on Bukak mountain. We are at least thankful for closure, as well as for the major mark he made on his community and country. Now his loved ones and nation grieve not only the loss of this person, but this loss of a champion on whom they pinned even their presidential hopes. We pray for a respectful period of mourning and for the city and nation to move forward in healthy timing. Lord, we do not know much about the sexual misconduct claim recently filed against him that will now amount to nothing, due to current laws. We pray for peace and closure for all involved with that. If this is something that needs further investigation, we ask you to make a way for that. Again, Lord, we pray for Seoul and for greater South Korea during this time of mourning and confusion. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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