Monday, July 27, 2020

Prayer about search for Dylan Esaú Gómez Pérez
PC: Fernando Llano / AP

Lord God, we pray about the search for Dylan Esaú Gómez Pérez, taking place in Mexico’s southern Chiapas state. Our hearts go out to Juana Pérez, who was selling produce in a market when her two-year-old son was snatched by older children involved with trafficking. Lord, we are thankful for the video evidence that has been uncovered and the other captive children who were discovered in the search for Dylan. We pray that the video will be distributed widely, so that someone will recognize the traffickers and report them to the authorities. We pray for the freed children, that their families will be located, and that they can begin the long recovery from their trauma. Lord, please keep your hand on Dylan. Protect him from lasting harm. May someone around him recognize him and get help. May his captor(s) feel a deep inner conviction that what they are doing is wrong and release Dylan. Please give Juana and her daughter peace as they await word on Dylan and as they steadfastly advocate for him to the authorities. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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