Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Prayer for immigrant workers who collect the coronavirus dead in Peru


Heavenly Father, today we pray for Néstor Vargas, Luis José Cerpa, and their colaborers, who collect the bodies of those who die from Covid-19 in Peru. Lord, bless these workers in their determination to provide for their families, taking these jobs that native Peruvians reject, risking their own health and safety. We plead protection for them. We pray that their exhaustion will not dull their sensitivity to precautions. We pray that they will always have the appropriate PPE and the strength they need to make it through another day. We pray that they will not bring home the virus to their families. Lord, we thank you that they embrace the benefits that do come: not only provision for their families, but gratitude for life and health. May they set an example for others in these areas, as well as their hard work and their desire to provide dignity to the dead and to their loved ones. May they draw close to you as they work in these risky jobs. We pray for Peru, particularly the nation’s poor, as they battle this virus. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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