Thursday, October 8, 2020

Prayer about rape and murder of Chaïma and violence against women in Algeria PC: Chaïma

Heavenly Father, we pray for Algeria, where people are highly disturbed about a terrible rape and murder that happened earlier this month, which has highlighted failings in the justice system. Lord, we grieve the rape of 19-year-old Chaïma, who was burned alive after her assult. We grieve even more when we learn that the suspect, who has confessed to the crime, had already been charged with attempting to rape this same young woman years ago and yet the case was dropped and he went free. Lord, we pray for those handling the case this time to have great wisdom in each aspect of the process. May justice be served and larger questions asked about how the legal system handles violence against women in this culture. We pray about the additional woman whose charred body was found last night. May her identity be quickly discerned and her killer apprehended and charged. Finally, Lord, we pray for the loved ones of these two women, that you would give them supernatural peace amid this heartbreaking time. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.  

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