Saturday, October 17, 2020

Prayer about sexual abuse revealed during Chicago e-learning livestream

Lord God, we are sickened and also thankful when we learn of what happened during a Chicago e-learning situation. Now the truth is out about the sexual abuse one 7-year-old had been experiencing for the past year. We are thankful the perpetrator has been arrested and is facing both justice and help. We are thankful for the teacher’s quick and sound response when the sexual abuse began to happen during an online learning session. We are thankful both police and school officials responded promptly. Now, Lord, we pray for the healing to begin. We pray first and foremost for the victim, that she would find the help she needs to recover from this extended abuse that has now been vividly revealed to her peers. Next, we pray for her classmates who witnessed this event. May they be able to safely ask questions and find adequate answers as they process this confusing and frightening experience. We pray for the teacher as she, too, processes this incident. Bless her for her quick thinking and grant her a quick recovery. Bless her career as an educator. Finally, Lord, we thank you that, amid all its challenges, e-learning has provided a glimpse into situations such as this that need to be brought to light. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.


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