Monday, January 25, 2021

Prayer about sexual violence against Ethiopian refugee women PC: AFP

Lord God, we pray that the raping of Ethiopian women by those with power over them will stop! We are disgusted by the reports of sexual assault perpetrated by Ethiopian soldiers and allied Eritrean soldiers against refugee women…and not only rape, but many other disgusting forms of this kind of abuse! We pray that the government will open its eyes to see what is truly happening under their watch. We pray for women (as they are willing and able) to continually come forward to receive assistance and to share their stories. We pray for military leaders to immediately enact and enforce a zero-tolerance policy regarding sex crimes. Lord God, we know that each of these women is precious in your sight and of great worth. Help them to hear, know and embrace that truth as they heal from these abuses. We pray also that those perpetrating these crimes will have their eyes opened wide, that they may recognize the error of their ways and see these women as those they are responsible to protect and honor, rather than harm. Finally, we pray for aid agencies and media to gain easier access to the region in order to help the hurting and reveal truth that leads to change. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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