Thursday, January 21, 2021

Prayer about significant suicide increases in Japan  (photo credit: REUTERS/ISSEI KATO)

O Lord God, we are grieved to hear of the dramatic spikes in suicides within Japan! Numbers like a 37% increase for women and a 49% rise among children are devastating. With these major increases occurring during Japan’s second wave of COVID-19, we pray for relief from this virus for the Japanese. We are thankful the nation is acknowledging the impact the pandemic has had on mental health through hammering the economy and the increase in domestic violence. We pray for divine wisdom for leaders as they seek to balance managing the economy and managing COVID-19. We pray that individuals who need help will have the courage, strength and awareness to ask for it. We pray that people will look out for one another, even strangers, during this difficult time. Finally, Lord, we pray that those who know you will share their hope and help with others. Amen.



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