Monday, January 18, 2016

Prayer against ISIS efforts in eastern Syria

Lord, a new day begins and we learn of more atrocities. We thank you that our citizenship is in heaven, rather than in this broken world. Lord, we are devastated by the hundreds murdered by ISIS in eastern Syria yesterday—mostly women, children and elderly people. We are disgusted by any group that would think this is acceptable. We pray against the evil plots of ISIS, Lord. We ask you to block their efforts at every turn. To frustrate their mission and vision. To open the eyes of individuals within the group to the wickedness of what their leaders ask them to do. Lord, comfort the grieving even as they fear for their own safety. Sustain those who have lived for so long under siege in that part of the country. Give helpers great creativity and courage as they seek to rescue and/or meet the basic needs of those who live in ISIS’ shadow of terror. In Jesus’ powerful name, we pray, amen. 

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