Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Prayer of thanksgiving for the US Coast Guard

WSVN via Sea Tow Fort Lauderdale
Lord, we are delighted today to learn of two successful rescues conducted by the United States Coast Guard yesterday! All 13 people rescued from the sinking Serena III off the coast of Florida! Three people plucked from a half-sunken catamaran off the coast of Puerto Rico—at night! Lord, thank you for these 16 people who were rescued out of terrifying conditions. Bless those rescuers who braved the dark, choppy waters in order to save them. Thank you for their willingness to devote their time to special training, and their readiness to put their lives on the line every day for those struggling at sea. Please bless the Coast Guard in general—with good leadership, conviction, tenacity, values, efficiency, success and support. With grateful hearts we pray, amen.



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