Saturday, January 30, 2016

Prayer for Burundi as mass graves are discovered

Photo: AFP.
Lord, we continue to pray for Burundi. Our stomachs churn when we hear of possible mass graves being discovered. What kinds of atrocities may come to light? Lord, you see all. Please bring truth to light. Bring justice to the oppressed and to the widows and orphans in that nation. Vindicate the righteous. We pray for President Nkurunziza to accept peacekeeping troops in order to prevent Burundi from sliding into ethnic conflict. May the president consider the best for his people, rather than for his regime. Lord, this is the second poorest nation in the world. We pray for the Long Miles Coffee Project and similar organizations that are trying to address the poverty and purposelessness so many Burundians face. Yet violence and strife prevent these companies from accomplishing their purpose. Bring healing to this land so the violence may cease and the greater needs be addressed. Help godly Burundians to rise up and set examples in eliminating the hatred and violence, in creating strong businesses, in raising healthy families. In Jesus’ powerful name we pray, amen.

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