Thursday, April 14, 2016

Prayer for Greek Christians ministering to refugees

Refugee children playing in Galatsi Hall
Lord, today we ask your blessing upon those from the Greek Evangelical Alliance who are ministering so sacrificially to the refugees in their nation. Even with their nation's 25% unemployment rate and crushing debt, these Christ-followers welcome the  3,000 migrants who arrive on their shores daily. What an example for the Church, and what an example of the Church! Lord, we pray for their work in Galatsi Hall, as they meet the needs of tens of thousands of refugees who pass through there. May your representatives there continue to provide not only necessities and productive activities, but love and hope, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We pray for those refugees who respond to the Gospel in this temporary place to find opportunities for further growth as they continue on their journeys. And we ask for partners to come alongside the Greek Evangelical Alliance as they meet these needs with such limited resources. Multiply their efforts, Lord, as you multiplied the loaves and fishes when you walked the earth. Amen.

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