Friday, April 15, 2016

Prayer for the healing of sexual abuse victims

Lord, your heart breaks when you see your children violated. Since almost the beginning of time, both men and women have been sexually harmed in countless ways. What a seemingly insurmountable issue! But, Lord, we persevere in prayer anyway. Today we specifically pray for the healing of sexual abuse victims. Lord, thank you for scientific advances that have provided extra insight into helping these survivors. May advances such as learning how trauma shuts down the left functional lobe, thus fragmenting our memories, bring clarity for victims who wonder why they face such confusion. And may greater understanding of the science behind sexual trauma help not only professionals, but also lay people show greater kindness and discernment as we come alongside those who carry these scars. Bring healing, Lord. May these wounded souls enter the place where their greatest battles become their greatest victories. In Jesus' victorious name, we pray, amen.

For more info: Healing the Wounded Heart by Dan B. Allender

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