Friday, April 22, 2016

Prayer for safe houses in Colombia    The houses above are not actual safe houses. 
Lord, thank you for Voice of the Martyrs and their ministry through safe houses in Colombia. We are so thankful that women like Luz, whose pastor-husband was murdered by rebels, can relocate herself and her children to a safe house within her nation. Lord, we pray for Luz and the others who are located in safe houses throughout Colombia. Continue to protect them from those who hunt for them. Continue to provide for all the needs required to offer this ministry. We pray that the year-long program providing children with an education and adults with vocational training will be effective, so these traumatized families may return to healthy lives after their period of refuge. May the Christ-centered community these refugees experience within the safe house environment leave a permanent mark on them for their good and your glory. May they be eager disciples of Christ while living in the safe house, but also afterward. Amen.

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