Monday, August 21, 2017

Prayer about Ischia's earthquake
Photo credit: Serenella Mattera/ANSA via AP
Lord, today we pray for the Italian island Ischia in the aftermath of its earthquake. Almighty God, our first concern is that the unaccounted-for be found. We pray for searchers to have great strength, endurance, insight and effectiveness as they seek out those who are missing. We pray for quality equipment to be moved and used effectively. We pray for those who may be trapped to hold onto hope and to have special resourcefulness in surviving and alerting rescuers to their presence. Lord, we pray for the family members of the one confirmed dead. Give them peace and comfort in the midst of their grieving. We are thankful civil protection crews were already on-hand to address this crisis. Please bless their efforts. Next, we pray for the makeshift emergency treatment centers. Grant them great resourcefulness and effectiveness in their treating of the injured. Finally, grant the entire island peace and togetherness, rather than fear or greed. May both the residents and visitors on Ischia seek you in the midst of this natural disaster, and may they set an example to the world in how they respond in crisis. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen. 

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