Monday, August 28, 2017

Prayer for Houston and the surrounding area in the midst of Hurricane Harvey
Photo credit: Mark Mulligan / Houston Chronicle via AP
Lord, today we continue to pray for for Houston, TX, and the surrounding area as the rain continues to fall and the floodwaters continue to rise. Heavenly Father, it may be counterintuitive, but we praise you in this storm, as the song says and your Word exhorts. We praise you for your power. We rejoice that emergency responders and citizens are rising to this challenge and rescuing hundreds, soon to be thousands, of their fellow citizens. We are thankful for lessons learned from previous storms that help us improve in how we handle these disasters. While we are deeply saddened by the two deaths we know of so far, we are also deeply grateful that there have not been more people lost in the midst of this devastation. Despite our praise and gratitude, we continue to implore you to be with those still in need of rescue. May they stay calm and safe; may they make wise decisions in the midst of chaos. We intercede for the rescuers. Keep your hand on them, protecting them, and blessing them with ongoing efficiency and courage. We pray for people in Texas and beyond to open their homes to those who need shelter, wallets for those who need assistance, and hearts to the situation in order to care and pray and reach out. We pray for government, community, church and family leaders to lead, act, speak and encourage well, that Texans may weather this literal and figurative storm with courage, grace, effectiveness and dignity (from within and toward others). We love you even when the world looks like it is falling apart, Lord. Please intervene in Texas today, in both little and big ways. Amen. 

Listen to the song about praising God in the storm here:

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