Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Prayer for medical centers dealing with flooding in Texas and Louisiana
Lord, today we pray for hospitals and other medical centers weathering the floods brought by Hurricane Harvey. First, Lord, we express our gratitude for the hundreds of employees—doctors, nurses, aides, kitchen workers, and employees of all kinds—who have set aside their own needs in order to serve patients in these difficult conditions. Lord, we wholeheartedly ask your blessing on these people. Sustain them. Strengthen them. May their attitudes remain positive while their endurance is tested. May they tap into new reservoirs of inner strength. May they rely on you. Next, we pray for the patients. Lord, so many are helpless. Give them courage. Help them trust those who are trying to help them. May they rise up to the challenges they are facing to survive and thrive and heal. Lord, please bring people and donations and rescuers at the right times as needed. Regarding the rescuers, we continue to pray for both trained and unofficial rescuers, who have evacuated nursing homes, hospitals and more. Please continue to protect and strengthen them. Give them wisdom and efficiency. Finally, Heavenly Father, we celebrate how others have reached out to these medical centers with donations of time, transportation, supplies and more. Thank you for this example of goodwill. Bless those who have given—both companies and individuals. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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